Peer Group Comments

Week  1 Comments

  • Hello, Jonathan,

I enjoyed reading The Beach Boys’ Pet Sounds post, which provided great background information of Brian Wilson and the album The Beach Boys’ Pet sounds. Some of your points stated in the mono to stereo version comparison were the same that I had observed of my own. I believe you got confused on the documentary title Pet Stories from the actual album title Pet Sounds because you called the album Pet Stories instead of Pet Sounds. The titled of the album Pet Sounds and the documentary Pet Stories needs to be italicized as well to fit within the formatting of APA. Overall this is a strong post that I think people would enjoy reading. I look forward in reading your upcoming posts this month.

Best regards,

Marvin Allen

  • Hey Kenneth,

I loved the way you named your title for The Beach Boys Post. I started to laugh and think about The Beatles and their psychedelic way of interpreting that title. I enjoyed reading your post. It is very informal and easy to understand from a reader’s perspective. There were things that was brought to my attention that I didn’t know of or had even came across in my own research of The Beach Boys’ Pet Sounds. I think overall this post is awesome. Can’t wait to read more of your posts later on in this month.

Best wishes,

Marvin Allen

Week 2 Comment

  • Hello Sabrina,

I have really enjoyed reading and learning more about Brian Eno. I was engage from the moment I read the first paragraph right up until the last paragraph. This post also has a nice flow from one detail to the next. In the second paragraph you have the word “was” twice but I knew you meant to write, “he was first exposed.” Brian Eno has also taught me to not just think about music as music, but as the science of it all in how things are connected and react with each other within life. This is the same with music. Again this is a great post about Brian Eno, Good job.

Week 3 Comments

  • Hello, Samuel,

I have enjoyed reading your post about Swedish House Mafia-The Legacy. I love reading and learning about new music. This post has informed me on a group that sounds like they know what their sound is in making great house music. I liked how this band is not just about their music but about their community as well. I also like how this article is short and straight to the point. I don’t know what else to say but to say that this post is well done and that you continue to come out strong in week four.

  • Hello Ricardo,

Thank you for commenting on my blog. I am glade that you have enjoyed reading my post about Kraftwerk. You stated that my post was too long. I will take that into consideration but I just want the readers to have a little bit more detail about the topic. In this case I want the readers to have a mild grasp about how Kraftwerk played a major part in the history of electronic music.

I like how you said, “The first to use vocoders and synthesis to create art.” I believe that is exactly what Kraftwerk was doing in their music and at the Kling-Klang studio. I have enjoyed reading your post about Kratfwerk as well. It flowed nicely and was to the point.  I believe the readers will enjoy this post as much as I have enjoyed reading it. The second to last paragraph in the last sentence the word “The” and the word “I” needs to be capitalized so you won’t be marked off for your grammar mistakes. Looking forward to read week for post. Keep up the good work and finish strong.

Best wishes,

Marvin Allen

  • Hello, Jonathan,

Thank you for commenting on my blog. I am glade that you have enjoyed reading my post about Kraftwerk.

I have enjoyed reading your post about Kratfwerk as well. It has a nice flow and is straight to the point with some great information about Kraftwerk. I to agree that if it wasn’t for Kraftwerk being ahead of their time that hip-hop would have been a little behind. Look forward to read week four post and listen to the podcast. Keep up the good work and finish strong this week. Again thank you for your comment on my blog.

Best wishes,

Marvin Allen

Week 4 Comments

  • Hello Evan Scherer,

I really enjoyed the Milli Vanilli podcast. You brought out great facts about the group and their fraud. I liked how you gave your own opinion about them using fake tracks. I also liked the way you used a reference to another artist that can relate to the primary topic. I enjoy how you gave your self a natural Godly reverb, which sounds cool and consequently relates to the topic. Lol. This was a good strong finish of week four that you brought to this class. I am looking forward to spring break. Hope you have a great break this week.

Best Wishes,

Marvin Allen


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